TransNeft Oil is an oil company whose main activity is the sale of petroleum products and the storage of oil and crude products. Our products are exported to many countries around the world, but the majority of customers are concentrated in the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

TransNeft Oil is one of the leaders in the export of petroleum products in Russia. The company has two large refineries in the Moscow and Sverdlovsk regions.

The headquarters of TransNeft Oil is an independent operator of intermediate and transshipment tanks for storing chemicals, oils and petroleum products that currently own and operate a global network of terminals with a total capacity of 3 million m?, TransNeft Oil is an independent supplier tanks for the petroleum and chemical industries.


"TransNeft Oil is an independent tank." We use a global network of terminals located at strategic points along the main trade routes. With our history and strong emphasis on safety and sustainability, ensuring efficient, safe and clean storage and handling of bulk liquids and gases for our customers. By doing so, we deliver products that are vital for our economy and daily life, from oil, chemicals, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils. Resource tanker on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange and its headquarters is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Including our joint ventures and associates, we employ international forces of over 5,500 people.

Building on our heritage building on our history, unchanged in that we are loading and unloading ships and storing and processing products for several clients. We thus have a mix of global trade flows over the years. Looking ahead, we will continue to supply vital products based on our heritage and lives. Our values: Caring for safety, health and the environment, integrity, team spirit, commitment and flexibility.

As the world's population grows and becomes more and more rich, vital products, such as energy, chemical and food, are in growing demand. However, these products are not always available locally. We see a growing geographical imbalance between the areas of production and consumption of such products. This leads to the transportation of oil, gas and oil products over long distances around the world, and the growing demand for the storage and handling of bulk liquids and gases in key locations along the sea trade routes. Through our global network of terminals, the resource tanker connects the supply and demand for these products and resources. To do this, we need ever-changing markets and product flows as a result of ambitious climate policies, geopolitical shifts and the development of new energy sources and cleaner fuels. Determining the optimal location for our terminals requires a long-term outlook on products that society needs, while evolving customer needs require flexibility and short-term measures in daily work. In such a dynamic context, our success depends on our ability to demonstrate leadership in the following five main areas:

Assets, we see changes in the market and offer service at the right time and in the right place. Over the years, we have grown our global portfolio and improved our valuable offer for our strategic type of terminals: industrial, gas, distribution and hub terminals. At the same time, we continue to instill value in different regions, resulting in stronger assets than competitors at lower cost of ownership.

Operational manuals take the lead in operational capabilities and sets standards in safety and sustainability, services, and costs. We adhere to current rules and regulations, at a minimum, and use best practices whenever possible. We will explore ways to promote the introduction of more sustainable technologies, processes and products.

Service management, safety is ours; first of all, we help improve our clients' business productivity by increasing operational performance and increasing efficiency, for example, by reducing the idle time. A high degree of customer satisfaction shows that we are on the right track. But you should always try harder, listening to the opinions of our customers and anticipating their needs in the future.

Leadership in technology we innovate in how we design builds, maintain and manage our terminals. This includes new technologies, in particular digital technologies such as smart robots and mobile devices. Innovation will help us reduce safety incidents, improve services by improving traceability and planning, and also reduce costs by improving labor efficiency and saving energy.

People need leadership to bring in our investment decisions, in our care for the planet and people, and in the life of our values. This requires that we inspire and challenge our people by helping them develop the right opportunities and leadership skills. We aim for purposeful, skilled and flexible and diverse teamwork.

The vision we have on TransNeft Oil is one of the major companies in Europe and the world as a whole in the storage of oil, gas and petroleum products. Our vision also includes oil and pipeline transportation services, thus becoming known in the region for efficient, high-quality and reliable service.

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